There are 3 main species of fish that populate Marean Lake. They are Yellow Perch, Northern Pike and Walleye. Occasionally someone will pull out a Sucker fish but that is pretty rare.

What you catch on your trip will depend on what is biting at that time of the year. Northern Pikes in the 20 lbs+ range have been caught and at certain times the perch fishing can be very exciting.

Check at the store to see what is biting when you are there.

Rules & Regulations

Marean Lake is located in the Central Saskatchewan Zone and follows all of the rules and regulations outlined by Sask Environment. There are no special regulations in effect for our lake.

Fishing limits are defined by Saskatchewan Environment. 

For more information on Fishing in Saskatchewan and  to download a copy of the 2013 Saskatchewan Angling Guide visit the Saskatchewan Environment website.


Fishing licence's are no longer sold at the store. 

Where to Fish

Fishing spots change with changing water levels and at different times of the year. Ask at the store to find out what is biting where. Some pretty consistent spots are:

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